Electrofusion Welding Machine

Electrofusion Welding Machine in Delhi

Shri Nanda Industries is a reputed name of a firm involved in providing an Electrofusion Machine in Delhi. The machines we provide are well known for their exceptional performance and are frequently utilized in welding operations. We deliver in accordance with the client's requirements, whether a scanner is used or not.

Best Electrofusion Welding Machine Manufacturers in Delhi

The joining of MDPE, HDPE, and other plastic pipes through the use of special fittings with integrated electric heating elements is known as electrofusion. We are the best Electrofusion Welding Machine Manufacturer in Delhi. The kind and dimensions of the fitting dictate the welding time and heat. It is put to use in the welding industry. So, if you want to order your product, contact Shri Nanda Industries.

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As a prominent Electrofusion Welding Machine Exporter in India, we fulfill clients' demands across the country. We efficiently meet the rising machine demand across the nation thanks to our extensive distribution network. Send your needs to us to submit a demand.

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SNI ELectrofusion Welding Machine Different Models





Pipe S ize(mm)

20 to 200

20 to 315

20 to 500

Input Voltage

175-230 VAC 50 Hz

175-230 VAC 50 Hz

175-230 VAC 50 Hz

output voltage/ current

10-40 V

10-50 V

10-75 V

Package Contains

EF machine with input pin

EF machine with input pin

EF machine with input pin

control Mode

constant voltage

constant voltage

constant voltage

Setup Weight

11.5 Kg

13 Kg

15.40 Kg

Application and Features

  • Wide power supply and voltage input,suitable for field eletrical network level.
  • High precision control of electrical stability and time,insuring welding quality.
  • Flexible welding parameter input mode,manual input through keypad with 10 previously performed input data.
  • SNI design patent for frame, ergonomics,robust and reliable.

Service and Maintenance

  • One year on site service warranty.
  • 24*7 Customer support.
  • Easy availability of spare parts.

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Hdpe Electro Fusion Pipe 110 Mm

Size/ Diameter 110mm
Brand SNI
Fitting Type Coupler
Usage/ Application Plumbing
Connection Fusion welding
Country of Origin Made in India

  • Electro fusion up to 110 mm.
  • Light weight 2.5 kg
  • .Easy to use.
  • Made in India.

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SNI-EF-160 Electrofusion Welding Machine

Capacity 20 to 160 mm
Power Consumption 2 kw
Brand +SNI+
Machine Type Semi-Automatic
Working Voltage 230 V
Model SNI-EF-160

SNI-EF-160 Electrofusion Welding Machine.

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SNIEF Electrofusion Welding Machine

Frequency 50 Hz
Surface Treatment Color Coated
Automatic Grade Automatic
Brand Shri Nanda
Voltage 230 V

We are offering SNIEF Electrofusion Welding Machine.This is based on Electrofusion technology.

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