Why is HDPE Pipes considered ideal for Industrial applications?

Why is HDPE Pipes considered ideal for Industrial applications?

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  • Mon Oct 11, 2021
Why is HDPE Pipes considered ideal for Industrial applications?

HDPE pipes are commonly used in industrial applications such as industrial water transportation, mining coal handling, chemical lines, agricultural and lift irrigation, and submarine pipelines and desalination plants. The popularity of HDPE pipes can be attributed to features such as high tensile strength, durability, and lightweight. We give insights about why HDPE pipes suitable for industrial applications -

  • Metal pipes have a long history of being used in industrial applications. It was, however, a bad choice due to corrosion. For transporting water and low-temperature liquids, HDPE pipes are a better option than metal pipes. Its corrosion resistance makes it a good choice for a variety of industrial applications, including chemical and geothermal plants.
  • Metal pipes, such as carbon steel pipes, are being replaced with HDPE pipes in numerous sectors. It's great for fluid and gas piping systems including gas mains, sewer mains, and fire system supply lines because of its superior chemical resistance. HDPE pipes are unaffected by fungi and bacteria, in addition to having excellent chemical resistance.
  •  A sudden change in water flow rate can produce extremely high pressures in pipes. It has the potential to cause pipelines to explode or joints to crack. With HDPE pipes, however, this is not the case. They can endure water hammering and are hence long-lasting. This reduces the likelihood of breaking.
  • HDPE pipes are welded together to create a robust, uniform junction. When compared to standard pipe materials, the pipes have great weldability, making them reliable and simple to install. They are leak-proof and do not require many fittings thanks to proper welding.
  • Low maintenance: Because HDPE pipes are corrosion and chemical resistant, there are fewer leaks and hence less regular maintenance is required. This means lower maintenance costs in the long run.
  • HDPE pipes may be bent easily without the use of additional fittings because of their flexibility. This is one of the reasons why HDPE pipes are so easy to install, especially in rough terrain.

So, aforementioned reasons are the best to suggest why HDPE Pipes are an ideal choice for Industrial applications.

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